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December 16, 2007
By Anonymous

Focusing on the opinions on America’s young viewers, the new family movie, Enchanted, has definitely lived up to its title! Narrated by Julie Andrews, this heart-warming romance story of a princess, Giselle (Amy Adams), finding her true love will spark the imagination of any eight-year-old girl, but it’s not your average fairy tale. The twist on this story is an animated fantasy of a young woman looking for a prince to marry and have a “happily ever after” with for all eternity. One day, Giselle meets Prince Edward (James Marsden) and the two of them decide on marrying. Trouble arrives, though, when family rivals, such as Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), use dark magic on the couple, sending them to a place “where there are no happily ever afters.” After a few magic words, the couple finds themselves in modern, bustling New York City, and not only that. But they are in normal life, not the animated fairy tale world they came from! Now, the venture begins to find their way around this “unpleasant” and “imperfect” city, unlike the made-up, picture-perfect town of Andelasia.
As Prince Edward and Giselle meet different people around Manhattan, they encounter many interesting yet entertaining incidences. The sweet-as-sugar princess is said to “look and act like she just came out of a fairly tale” by Robert Philip, a flourishing business man she meets (Patrick Dempsey). Giselle is confused by the people she meets and wonders why they act so rude. A quote from the movie,
“Giselle: Nobody has been very nice to me.
Robert: Yeah, well, welcome to New York.
Giselle: Oh! Why, thank you!”
As normal Disney fairy tales include forest animals helping the young princesses as she gets ready, for this story, let’s just say it’s not exactly “forest” animals that come as Giselle hums a sweet tune. The story proceeds with some humor and family comedy with entertaining song that kids will love to sing along to.
If you put it all together, this amusing retake on Disney’s Snow White will become a movie to remember on the list. The sets and music numbers are sure to make even big girls swoon and hum along to the melodies. So, if you thought Disney ran out of ideas for fairy tales, think again and watch the charming family movie Enchanted at a local theater soon.

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