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Hilarious Reba

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Hilarious Reba

Reba is a hilarious show that you would want to watch everyday. Just think if you were a single mom and three kids. What would you do? The Reba show comes on channel 24 everyday at 6:00 pm, and is usually a back to back episode both 30 minutes long. Reba is a really great show because it has good characters and funny interactions between the characters and also one of the easiest shows to get into. Let me tell you a little bit more about this show in detail.

First we will talk about the good characters. The reason why I think they have good characters in the Reba show is because they are really funny and easy to notice when watching the show. For example Cheyenne as Reba’s pregnant 17 year old daughter would de really easy to notice because she is a blonde and most blondes are clueless .So that makes her funny. Then there’s Barbrajean and that is Reba’s x-husbands new wife that they are planning to have a baby. What makes her so funny is she thinks that Reba likes her when she really don’t so she’s always bugging Reba. Then Van as Cheyenne’s husband he is funny because he is also clueless and kind of on the over protective side of Reba, but Van does play football for Michigan State.

Second reason will talk about is the funny interactions with the characters. The reason why there funny at some time. Like I said at first about Barbrajean and Reba don’t like Barbra jean but Barbra jean thinks she does. There is a funny interaction there. Then there’s Cheyenne and Van and they are a couple so you know that they argue. But when they argue it’s really funny at the same time. Then there is Reba’s other daughter Kera and she makes fun of like all of the characters so she’s always making funny interactions.

Then the last reason we will talk about is, its one of the easiest shows to get into. Cause its really funny and hilarious and who don’t like funny. You could be flipping through the channels on a boring day and the Reba show would easily catch your attention and you will want to watch it for the rest of the day or longer. Then when you watch the show it is very easy to catch the theme of it for example when I watched the episode the theme of that was not to get involved with a married man because all it will lead to is hurt. Then you can watch the show and you can’t really tell that they are acting because they deal with real situations.

So remember what I told you…Reba is a great show because of the good characters, then the good interactions with the characters and then the show is really easy to get into. Now don’t forget that the Reba show is awesome ,for me but soon for you.

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