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Gossip Girl

October 28, 2007
By Anonymous

Note: This is a television review...I see you have reveiws for TV on your website, but I could not find it in your section when filling out the submission form.

Gossip Girl
Based on the books by Cecily von Ziegesar Gossip Girl is a promised hit. Airing on the CW every Wednesday at 9 Gossip Girl promises you an hour of juicy details and beautiful people. Not only is the show filled with twists and turns, but it proves to be one of those shows that we all want to be in. It’s filled with designer clothes and the perks that only these popular socialites can enjoy. Gossip Girl takes place in the Upper East Side of New York City where the typical day for these high school students is full of partying, shopping, and finding every last bit of gossip there is to know. It starts off with Blair who is enjoying time with her boyfriend Nate until an unexpected surprise comes along. The surprise is Serena who mysteriously returns back to the girls’ prep school. These once best friends are now turned into enemies after a series of events are revealed involving boys, friends, and school. Add in a couple of other characters including the quiet-yet-to-be-discovered Dan and his little socialite-Serena-wannabe sister, Jenny, and you have yourself a crowd that will provide you with endless entertainment. The narration is provided by a girl who calls herself Gossip Girl and happens to have a blog updated with all the ups and downs of the girls’ and guys’ day by day. After every episode she ends with a catchy line such as, “You know you love me, Gossip Girl.” All I can say to it is that not only do I know I love Gossip Girl but everyone else will too.

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this book is very sexuall..