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Vanishing Acts

October 10, 2007
By Anonymous

Vanishing Acts
By: Jodi Piccoult

Mrs. Robinson, my librarian, recommended Jodi Piccoult to our class. She had said that the author writes about real life happenings and the struggles that we all go through when we are faced with a challenge. I was looking for a book to read and thought this would be an interesting genre to comprehend.
Delia Hopkins is an investigative detective in rural New Hampshire. She has a lively daughter whom she loves dearly, a father who she admires, and a fiancé willing to do anything for her. Delia's life is going extremely well until police show up at her house accusing her father of kidnapping Delia when she was four years old. Lately, she has been having flashbacks of events that she doesn't recollect. She now has to learn how to cope with this misfortune that has been placed upon her.
Andrew Hopkins, Delia's father, is caught after twenty-eight years in hiding and accused of the kidnapping of Delia Hopkins who was recently known as Bethany Matthews. Eric is Delia's soon-to-be-husband who has taken on the challenge of being Andrew's attorney during his trial. Fitz, one of Delia's best friends, is a writer for the New Hampshire Gazette assigned to write a report on Andrew's case.
In my opinion, Vanishing Acts is an excellent book. The plot shows how life does not always go the way that we want, and we have to learn to learn how to get through the tough times we are faced with. I highly recommend Vanishing Acts to anybody who loves a good novel.


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