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October 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Starlight by Erin Hunter

Starlight is yet another amazing addition to the Warriors series, jam packed with new alliances, the telling of old secrets, the end of a journey, death, life, and mistrust. The story is told by mostly in the perspective of three cats, a medicine cat, her twin sister, and a dark warrior. These narrators show the reader that familial bonds can easily be broken by ambition, and that mistrust and anger can ruin any relationship.

In Starlight, the theme “trust must be earned” is found constantly. The characters in the story realize that earned trust is precious and must be safeguarded, if not, relationships can crumble and family bonds can fade.

This book is extremely well- written, with almost no plot holes and only a few mistakes. The only slightly annoying part is the obstinacy of several characters and their short tempers (which makes you want to flip ahead to the end just to see if they ever stop fighting).

I definitely recommend this book, it draws you in and makes you feel like you're right there alongside the Clan cats, fighting and living life to the fullest.

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