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The Healer

November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

The Healer

By: Daniel p. Mannix

Genre: Suspense

The book The Healer takes place in at least the mid 60’s or higher because of some of the modern technology that they have in the book. The book is about a boy names Billy (no last name) who lived in the city with his mom and his step dad who he never liked. He called him the fat man. Any way the boy loves animals, everyday during his free time at school instead of playing with the other boys and girls he would go into his teachers green house and play with and feed the animals. He was never accepted by his peers the way he wanted to or if he even wanted to. The boy is told that he is going to live with his uncle because his mother is tired of taking care of him when he never accepts her anyway. He is told by the fat man that his uncle with teach him many things that he needs to know. His uncle will teach him how to hunt and defend himself and how to farm. His uncle’s name is Zook; other wise known has the old one or the hex user.

The main plot of the story is, a boy who has no friends, loves animals, and is going from being a city boy to living on a farm in the forest and is going to learn how to fend for him self, take care of himself, and learn to be self confident and learn the ways of a hex user. The author of the story brings out the characters on the story by developing them by having build there courage, wiser, and has confidence in themselves. Daniel P. Mannix lets you see them develop through the eyes of the characters. He lets you ride along with them has you watch them bond together learn to trust and appreciate one another.

Daniel P. Mannix’s book if you like a suspense story that starts off a little slow and might stay slow to some of the readers then I recommend it for you. But if you’re like me and you want something that will keep you more entertained then I really do not recommend this book for you at all. Go for a book with action if you don’t like these kinds of books. Daniel P. Mannix’s book will only keep you entertained for a Curtin part of the book. Daniel P. Mannix The Healer is one book I only recommend for you if you like books that start off slow and end’s slow.

Rating: *

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