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Genetic research: a way leading to disaster or a medical revolution?

April 11, 2012
By AnnabelLee423 SILVER, Somewhere, Other
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In recent years, genetics has become the most interesting field of scientific research. Moreover it is one of the most controversial fields, too. While gene therapy aims to treat incurable diseases, intervening in human or animal DNA could change all the laws of nature. However, is this intervention worth at all?
No-one can deny that gene therapy will prove beneficial for all of mankind. First of all, growing organs from stem cells can be a really salvation for these who need a transplanting. Moreover, by intervening in somebody’s DNA, scientists can find out if they are likely to develop any mental or physical problems in the future. And surely they will know the treatment. Furthermore, in connection with what I said before, scientists aim to find a cure to many diseases, incurable or not. Last but not least, genetically modified crops are another advantage in some way. By increasing the quantity of food, we will be able to feed world’s growing population and people in developing countries will not die off due to hunger.
On the other hand, genetic research generates a great deal of debate. The major peril is human reproductive cloning. Why to create an exact sample of another human? The circle of our life ends with our death. It would be really ghoulish if you’d recreate your dead husband, for example. And of course they won’t be them!!! And what about designer babies? If we put ourselves on this slippery slope, we will lead to live in a world where everyone would be tall, blonde, with sparkling blue eyes and named GaGa068173, GaGa068174 etc…!!!! Why to interfere with nature in this way? Everybody has their own personality, why to change it? Finally, genetic modified crops can be a drawback of genetic research. Is it worth taking such risks by eating products which may have unforeseen side-effects to our health and by extension to the environment?
To conclude, genetic research can be both beneficial and harmful. While others believe that it appears to be something like a salvation, my firm belief is that if we don’t keep an eye on it, we won’t be able to escape in the future!

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