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November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

If you pick up any popular magazine such as People, what will the cover story be? Will it be about a fireman who saved a family of six, plus their two dogs in the dead of night? Will it be about a doctor who discovered a new cancer treatment? No. The answer is always no. But why? Shouldn’t people who save lives daily get some sort of recognition or focus? The answer is yes, they should. But today, people love all the glamor and glitz in singers and movie stars.

They’ve come to believe that singers and movie stars are super humans. Yes, that’s right make way for super humans coming down the aisle, costs only a measly few thousand dollars to get a glimpse of one of them. Autograph line is only a ten-hour wait, but it’s worth it to wait that long so that you can have ink out of a pen your super human touched and scribbled some letters with. Crazy, huh?

There are two windows. The first window is monstrous and rubbed crystal clean. In that window you can see Hannah Montana doing her “Nobody’s Perfect” routine. The audience is approaching insanity, and everyone is cheering her on by waving their lime green glow sticks. These people might have paid $2,000 for this. The place is sold out.

The other window is crooked, unhinged, and a lot smaller than the first. It is somewhat dusty. In the room there is an operating table. A man on the verge of his deathbed lies upon it. A gigantic tumor has been halfway removed. Blood is strewn across the table and little specks stain the otherwise pristine coats of the team of doctors. They are working with such diligence, snipping away at the pieces of skin that are clinging to the death agent. This part of their normal lives could either save or kill someone. But, they are so highly trained and so learned that usually the results are positive. The doctors have worked like bees for such a long time to be able to do this. At last the tumor is cut free. The person is heavily bandaged like a mummy. But this person has been saved. He is not being wrapped up only to be brought to his tomb; he is being wrapped so that he can heal.

Now tell me that Hannah Montana is more important than that team of doctors. The trouble is, is that important issues, such as removing a tumor are on TV channels that no one knows about. Shows such as Hannah Montana everyone knows about. These shows have a huge amount of influence on young children that these types of people are the role models in their lives. Media has taken a big role in everybody’s lives. It is okay to watch shows that have famous people in them. People should have the privilege to entertainment. Where it becomes an issue is when kids start talking like them, dressing like them, singing like them, really just trying to be them! It is not right for a child to strive to fill impossible and vacuous dreams by copying someone. Parents should be responsible for helping their next of kin in choosing which windows they look into.

What would happen if we didn’t have doctors, firemen, policemen, or charity workers? Our lifespan would decrease. The number of deaths each day would shoot up. To show you what I mean, imagine this: You and your little brother are at Friendly’s eating some ice cream. You are enjoying your nut sundaes, when all of a sudden your brother topples over gasping for air. His face is red as an apple and his knuckles are white as snow. You’re more scared than ever before. You have no idea what to do. Then, your brother gives one last gasp and goes rigid. He’s dead.

In real life an epi- pen that a doctor had prescribed could have saved your brother. But, there were no doctors in this world. There was no way of knowing that those nuts killed your brother. There was no warning. It was just a normal day. This is just one- way that people we ignore save lives. Daily. Honestly, who do you want to be?

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