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Types Of People On Social Media

December 3, 2020
By Anonymous

          We all know the feeling when you are scrolling through social media and you see someone on the beach or at a concert and you wish you were them. This envious obligation to compare to these unimaginable lives that the people we follow are experiencing occurs almost everyday. It’s hard to be sitting at your house alone and to witness other social media influencers living a remarkable life. Although we hope that one day we will be able to take a spontaneous trip to the beach or take a selfie with a celebrity, these hopes are often unreasonable. Many people portray themselves as more superior than others on the internet to gain followers or raise income. Although this is frequently the case, not all social media users are only in it for the cash. There are many types of bloggers, posters and internet users that are just there to have fun. Here are a few types of  people on social media so you know who is living a genuine or a hoax life. 

Insta Famous Status

          As I mentioned before, some social media influencers are obligated to flaunt their popularity and wealth. These follower experts usually post a lot of photos traveling abroad to many ravishing locations across the globe. Not only is this utterly annoying because you grow desirous of their everyday life, it makes you want to follow them to keep up with their amusing vacations. Every five seconds it’s another post. BANG! Another one, it’s almost too much to keep up with. The specialists behind these awesome posts and videos are usually very good-looking. Meaning that not only do their followers want to experience their life, they want to actually be them. Their fans are envious of their face, friends, family, life, and body which draws in insane amounts of new followers everyday making the social media influencer become a star on the internet. Not only are these people attractive, but they also have a bubbly and outgoing personality which can create a close bond between the influencer and the follower. Basically, if you are a Insta Famous Status influencer, you pretty much have it all.

Keep It Simple

          These influencers are the prime kind of social media accounts to follow. They are simply simple. The creators of these internet pages are extremely laid back and relaxed. There is no pressure when considering to follow these accounts because you know they are almost always exceptionally normal. These people usually post relatable content to give a good laugh to their followers. They just genuinely enjoy posting fun pictures and videos to make someone’s day. The people behind these accounts exceed the expectations of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other social media platforms. They are generally very good-natured people with a great sense of humor. They catch social media user’s eyes by posting engaging memes or videos that people could understand and relate to. These pages are very satisfactory and normally gain many followers in short amounts of time. I would recommend to always follow these accounts because they never fail to make you fall to the floor laughing. 

It’s Just For Fun

          These “It’s Just For Fun” social media users seriously just make an account for fun. They are like the chameleons of social media, they just sort of blend in with the large blur of influencers. These people range from young teenagers posting cute pictures to older people just trying to keep in touch with family. Usually these accounts are more personal and sincere. The users post appealing pictures of their friends and family or places they traveled. They don’t overdo the “My life is amazing!” factor that most social media stars like to depict for their followers. A lot of the people at my school have these accounts just to post things for their own amusement, not to impress others. If you don’t already have one of these accounts, you should definitely start one!

Give Me Money!

           Another account to look out for are the accounts that sell things. Oh, it’s not just one thing, it’s a clutter of things. Earrings, clothing, room decor, head bands, face masks and more. These accounts usually have many followers but it gets rapidly annoying to follow them after a while. They promote, promote and promote their products until you can’t think about anything else. The user behind the account is generally very kind. but always extremely smart. They know how to get you to buy something by either modeling it or making their items fit the current trends. They don’t care if they are irritating about their products because that’s the only way they will sell. These social media accounts are fun to observe but never to follow because the person who runs the business excels in promoting their goods. Only follow these accounts if you are ready for a persistent businessman or businesswoman to spam your feed.

            All of these social media users are amazing influencers, but they are all totally different. Their personalities shine through their accounts whether they have millions of followers or just a hundred. The variety of accounts you can find out there on all of the social platforms is astounding but you should only follow the ones where you can connect to the account owner the best. They all radiate personalities that are either relatable or totally different from you. They could be totally and utterly evil or super sweet people. Either way, the content they put into the world can change someone’s mood, day or even their life. Go into the social media world and find some breathtaking accounts to investigate which kind of social media influencer they are.

The author's comments:

This piece explains current types of people on social media which could be very relatable to teens who spend most of their days online. I myself have noticed these trends so I think it's a fun, humorous piece.

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