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Saving the Ozone Two Wheels at a Time

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Saving the Ozone Two Wheels at a Time

What if there was a machine, one that ran on a fourth of the gas of your regular automobile, could increase available parking, and increase mobility. All at the same time admitting less carbon costing half that of a used vehicle with no miles. Would you drive one?

The simple fact is this technology has been around for decade’s often utilized b the trash of our society, but recently been found useful for recreation by doctors and other people. The question is are you willing to give up the safety of your eight passenger SUV for a motorcycle or scoter. The fact is when you drive down the road almost every car you pass is carrying only one passenger to and from work or the gym or out to meet friend. If all the people who had no one to carpool with were told that they could have the safety of using the carpool lane if they drove a motorcycle or scoter imagine the green house gas would not be emitted saving our natural resources. The greatest part is we don’t even need to give up our cars and truck. We can save those for major trips and bad weather. The relatively low cost of most motorcycles and scooters has more people looking to them as a low cost alternative to the very expensive cost of trading in their larger vehicles for smaller more fuel efficient cars that have worse gas mileage than most motorcycles. Plus the small gas tank has you feeling less pain even when you do need to occasionally fill up. I’m not saying it’s for all of America but in small towns were the population is either scares or to widely spread for mass transit to be an option why don’t we give it a try. If the government were to instate an incentive plan it may be much more attractive to consumers looking to consume less fuel not take out a loan for a new car in a time of economic downturn.

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