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Origami World

June 11, 2008
By Anonymous

If only we could fold the world
Into paradise,
Creasing every negative thing
Into beauty, something nice.
We'd take our origami
Around from place to place,
Crinkling every awful frown
Into a smiling face.
Next we'd crimp the cars and trucks
Into towering trees,
Crumpling pain, fear, and anger
Into their bright green leaves.
Then we'd wrinkle the factories
Into mountaintops,
And rumple the tears of humanity
Into quiet, peaceful raindrops.
We'd pleat all of our concrete roads
Into stunning waterfalls,
And intertwine fluffy, white clouds
Out of the space-concealing shopping malls.
By then we'd have a gorgeous Earth
Like when it all began,
And all we have to do to succeed
Is give the world a hand.

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