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Boston Neighborhood Basketball League MAG

By Anonymous

   OK, all you b-ball players, this summer program is your chance to show off your basketball endowment. The name is Boston Neighborhood Basketball League (BNBL). Sponsored by Boston's Mayor Ray Flynn, this league is broken into several divisions situated in the Boston area. Each division is operated by an obligatory person who is willing to give up his/her evenings a couple of nights a week to govern a division.

All games are held in the evening under the lights. Even though the league may be competitive, friends make up their own teams. So, if your basketball dexterity and adroitness has not reached its potential, don't worry. Three salutary aspects of having your own team are: you will probably know how your friends play and know where they will move on the court; it will much more fun, I'm sure; and lastly, you will not have to worry about a coach picking you for the team. Also a coach is not required for each team, but it may be mortifying at times without one.

Finally, another good thing about this program is that it is free and the t-shirts come complimentary to each gamester. Additionally, if your team wins the championship, not only do you receive jackets, you enter a tournament made up of all the champs in each division to find who has the best hoop team in Boston. So, gather all your cronies for the BNBL summer of '92, and start practicing right away. n

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