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Gilmore girls

October 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Travel to Star’s Hollow, an imaginary town in Connecticut, where you meet Lorelai Gilmore, 32 years old, mother of Rory Gilmore, 16. This mother-daughter relationship is far from ordinary. They are best friends first and mother and daughter second. They share secrets and have movie nights. They eat out often, especially at Luke’s, the local diner, and drink insane amounts of coffee.
Gilmore girls is by far the best show that I’ve ever come by. I’m very fortunate to have found it. Amy Sherman-Palladino, Gilmore girls creator, is brilliant. There is no other show like it. Through the break-ups, the make-ups, the townspeople, college, coffee, witty remarks, and some more coffee, Gilmore girls is anything but boring. Every episode goes straight to the heart. Laugh, cry, and go crazy with the Gilmores as you view many different relationships all molded into a unique, yet beautiful, whole.
Watch Rory graduate from high school and college. Watch Lorelai go from managing an inn to owning one. Watch both go through relationships that are heart warming and heart wrenching. See Lorelai’s relationship with her parent’s blossom, starting from nothing.
Love the residents of Star’s Hollow. Lorelai’s best friend and chef, Sookie St. James, Lane Kim, Rory’s best friend, Luke Danes, owner of Luke’s and Lorelai’s good friend, Star’s Hollow’s special Kirk, Dean, Rory’s first boyfriend, and many many more!
So, if you’re feeling down look no further than Gilmore girls to cheer you up. It’s the best show out there, and I was sad to see it last only seven seasons. If there is a Gilmore girls movie you can be sure that I’ll be one of the first to see it! So, pick up Gilmore girls but be warned, addiction is unavoidable!

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I love getting comments, and if you leave one check back often because I post comments as a reply to others and sometimes I ask questions. Go Gilmore girls! ~Cierra H.

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