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That 70's Show

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Ever wonder about the 1970’s? That 70’s show can tell you a perfect tale. It all takes place in a little town called Point Place, Wisconsin, where a kid named Eric Forman (Topher Grace) has many adventures with his five friends dealing with global issues and teen issues. You cannot be fortunate enough to see any new episodes, but they are on Fox and FX at random times. That 70’s Show is a must watch because, it is engorged with comedy, has tons of hilarious characters, and has a plot that is easy to relate with.

That 70’s Show is packed with comedy, whether it is the prank calls or the saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. The writing makes you compare your own life to the characters. The actors truly capture the seventies in all ways. The way that they act around each other makes the show truly believable. The show is never-ending fun, especially when the characters will make you laugh, which is quite frequent.

The characters on that 70’s show are great. They appeal to those who have lived through the seventies, wanted to, or have gone through teen life. Eric has many friends who are the typical stereotypes. The kid too cool for the group, the idiot, the prep, the normal, the foreign kid, and the bodacious redhead. The actors might be young, but they truly capture the life of the 1970’s. The effort is so immense, that after they mess up, they continue to roll the cameras, making this show one of the best sitcoms ever.

The plot is that these six kids, who constantly struggle with relationships and teen things, always seem to be running away from a problem week to week. With Fez making foreign mistakes, or Kelso being plain stupid, this plot is easy to relate to. It also makes the message clear. To live life and make the best of it.

With a great cast, hilarity, and overall story, this show is one that you need to see. I strongly recommend this show to all families who want to now what the 70’s were like.

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