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The Cosby Show

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

How does he have the time? The Cosby show is a intercity, upper middle class African American family sitcom that comes on at 10:00pm on station Nick @ Nite. The T.V series The Cosby Show is great to watch because the plot is interesting, the characters are entertaining, and the acting is believable.

The sitcom, The Cosby Show, always keep my interest because there are real life situations. You know how dads think they can do everything or anything, well this show is unbelievable. Dr. Huxtable makes all the tiles fall down in the bathroom while trying to fix it with his wife right there. So Dr. Huxtable and Clair hired three or four people to help fix the problems in the shower..

The character’s personality comes out a lot while the show is airing. Like when Theo went into the bathroom with only a towel on and only girls were in there in the bathroom working on the tiles in the shower. It is hilarious. You would never want to miss a chance to watch this hilarious, sarcastic show.

In the acting is almost looks to real to believe because their facial expressions are so funny. For example, when Dr. Huxtable is trying to fix the tiles, his wife comes in and drops her mouth to the floor. In this sitcom most of their facial expressions seem real because most people do them in real life.

The Cosby Show is a great show to watch because the plot is original, the characters are always lovable, and the acting is realistic. The network should be renewed ten more season because I think we should have more great and believable shows. The show also needs to come out sooner and not come on at 10:00pm at night. Some people don’t even stay up that late.

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