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Everybody Loves Raymond

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

There’s only one show worth watching, and that’s everybody loves Raymond. That’s about this guy and his family, and they get into fight a lot, and resolve it by working together. It comes on at 8:30 on tbs. The setting is in Raymond house, sometimes in his parent’s house, and very seldom in Roberts’s new apartment. It’s a very good show to watch.

How the show keeps my interest is the episodes, how the conflicts come along. Like the episode where ray visits the doctor about him playing golf. The entreating conflicts where Debra blames ray for leaving his stuff all over the house. There are a lot of conflicts and entertaining conflicts between ray and Debra.

How the characters develop over time is, ray matures over time. Like for example, when he is home alone, he has to take care of all the responsibilities for the house and the kids. Characters play off of each other when Debra acts like ray and, she says he bickers about everything. There are a lot of responsibilities ray has to take care of while Debra is gone.

Theme is real important in the show. Theme is important because it helps real families solve problems in the real world. The theme in the show is, conflicts and how you should solve them. Theme is real important. Acting is important also because; if you don’t have good acting you wont have a good show.

This show draws viewers because of funny characters, plot is unpredictable, and helps families solve problems in the real world. The network would be wise to continue keep running this show to keep its viewers.

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