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House of Payne

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

We all know what it’s like to have some sort of a “dysfunctional” family. Come on admit it you know your aunt may act a little crazy or your grandma & mom are always arguing about something that they’ll be laughing about in a couple of minutes. Right?

If so Tyler Perry’s new sitcom Tyler Perry’s House of Payne is just for you. This new and exciting show is about a multi-generational family all living under one roof & their life struggles with love, faith,& most importantly humor. House of Payne comes on every Wednesday & 9:00pm-9:30pm on TBS.

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne takes place in the Payne families suburban home in Atlanta, Georgia & the fire department house where Curtis {Lavan Davis} & CJ {Allen Payne} Work.
Tyler Perry’s House of Payne is a new sitcom that definitely stands out from the pack for three reasons: the writer & director Tyler Perry is awesome, the acting with the cast is outstanding, & the characters are easily understood in certain situations.

Tyler Perry {the director, writer, & creator} of House of Payne has one of the best reputations for producing a good, funny show. The writing that goes into House of Payne is one in a million. Each character has been given there own style their own vibe that they give off & the result of that is the viewers get hilarious interactions between characters that will have you laughing for hours. The writers of this new sitcom definitely know how to entertain their viewers like in a recent episode “The Buck Stops Here” Jazmine {china Anne McClain} is going out to sell candy for her school receives commerce pointers from Calvin. So Jazmine tries to persuade Curtis a.k.a Pop’s {Lavan Davis} to buy some candy from her. “The kid who raises the most money gets a new bike” Jazmine informs Curtis. Then Curtis reply’s “So the charity is really you”. see the thing about the House of Payne is that its so original & gives the viewers something to relate to.

Also in addition to an astounding director, House of Payne has one of the best cast sitcom TV has seen in years. Allen Payne {CJ},Lance Gross{Calvin}, Cassi Davis{Ella}, Lavan Davis{Curtis}, China Anne McClain{Jazmine}, Larraime Shaw{Malik} all make up the cast of House of Payne. Allen Payne{CJ} began attending acting classes at a young age in his Harlem neighborhood and credits acting with saving him from the perils of the street.” The characters are very believable in their conversations its more like everyday conversations between family members in your everyday American household.

The characters are very fun to watch because once again they have their own styles & personalities & their own techniques that make them funny& everyone in the cast is very experienced & has either worked with or starred in one of Perry’s shows so they aren’t just new strangers looking for a job. They know what they’re doing.

So since the actors and actresses are great at what they do, you know that the characters are just as great and fun to watch. Also the characters give the viewers something to relate to in every episode whether it be a fundraiser for their kids, all the way to a family member getting a new motorcycle that no one approves of him to have. Even though the show is still in its first season the characters have shown so much growth already more like their maturity level has developed into the people they want to be in the future. And another thing about the characters is that also in each episode each character had their own point of view. In a recent episode “The Buck Stops Here” Curtis{Lavan Davis} & Ella {Cassi Davis} think that they were being scammed on by Jazmine{China Anne McClain} because she is trying to make money for her school by fundraising but she takes it further than that & Curtis & Ella think that its very wrong for her to be earning some extra cash but Calvin{Lance Gross}was giving Jazmine advice on how to do that so that in the long run he could get something out of it to. But in Jasmine’s eyes she’s just helping her self out and trying to make her self a profit. So this goes to prove that each of the characters has their own way and they’re on a mission to get that way.

In the long hall once you watch Tyler Perry’s House of Payne you will definitely wanting more. It would be wise for the TBS network to leave this show where it’s at in it’s own time slot because it’s a perfect place for it to be & the network should also keep this show on air for a very long time, because it’s that good to where it will be on for a very long time because of its ratings. Ending thought Tyler Perry’s House of Payne is one in a million because its well written, has awesome characters & fabulous actors & actresses to give you an experience you’ll never forget.

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tsl2013 BRONZE said...
on Jul. 2 2012 at 10:03 pm
tsl2013 BRONZE, Breakfast, Iowa
2 articles 0 photos 35 comments
Well that's kinda mean. lol no really this show has the worst script and the plot is typical tyler perry drama but i find it entertaining at times. I watched the entire first two season,s merely because i like having a weekly show to look forward to, but its not that bad. 

Dj Bobby said...
on Aug. 15 2011 at 12:59 pm
your the only person in the world who thinks this show is new and exciting...most of the reviews say how bad and not funny this show is....are u related to someone who made this show?....are u easily impressed?...are u a liar and didnt really watch this show...or are u an idiot?....