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That 70's Show

March 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Back to the days of big hair, disco and cheap gas, That 70's show is a half hour long show about a group of friends who hang out together during the 70's. The group consists of Eric Forman(Topher Grace), the geeky, awkward kid who's basement is where everyone hangs out in, Michael Kelso(Ashton Kutcher) who even though he is not smart, is a ladies man. Donna Pinciotti(Laura Prepon) Eric's girlfriend and the tomboy of the group. Jackie Burkhart(Mila Kunis)the rich girl who thinks she is better than everyone else. Steven Hyde(Danny Masterson) the tough yet sensitive guy who is always talking about weed and Fez(Wilmer Valderrama) the foreign exchange student that no one can every understand what he is saying. Take these characters and you have a pretty good show about teenage life in the 70's.

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