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That 70's Show

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

If you think aliens (foreigners) are funny, then you got to watch this show. This season’s new great sitcom airs on CW at 8:30pm. The show surrounds around a teen” Justin” who is a misfit in high school “Aliens in America” is unique because it’s the only sitcom about a Pakistani teen, it shows how teens solve problems and the family who adopted “Raja” is an average American family.

Raja is a foreign exchange student (like FEZ in “That 70’s show”).The only difference is that nobody knows where Fez is from. So Raja is this honest boy who can not lie or cheat. The family who adopted him is starting to change some of his habits. Justin especially gets annoyed by Raja’s honesty sometimes. Raja tries to do things the right way but Justin likes shortcuts like every regular school going teen. Like when Raja is working in the Food Mart and he won’t sell beer to Justin’s underage friends with fake ID’s.
The show is based on high school students including “misfits” and “cool kids” all trying to solve problems and surviving high school. The show surrounds around a teen” Justin” who is a misfit in high school. Justin and Raja are the misfits and Justin’s sister in a popular and hot cheerleader. The show explains differences between a popular kids life in school compared to a regular kid. They show teens trying to solve problems and surviving high school.

Justin has a hard time making friends. His student counselor advices his parents to get a foreign exchange student. Mom thinks it’s a good idea and convinces dad to try it. Things start going wrong from there. The show keeps my interest with Raja’s hilarious pep talks for instance when Raja criticizes teens who watch pornography. Raja’s funny English speaking accent also contributes in the interesting plot.
This show draws viewers because storyline is fresh; the theme is interesting and characters are believable. Since the show is watched by millions of people, the channel is playing a lot of commercial breaks, but the channel would be wise to have less commercial breaks because too many breaks cause lack of interest in the show.

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