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Sanford and Son

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever seen a show where it makes you laugh from the beginning to end? Well, Sanford and son does that and more. Sanford and son takes place in a house that is a junk yard. It comes on T.V Land at 10:00 to 10:30. Sanford and son stands out from the pack because the characters play off each other well, the acting is great because of body language and facial expressions, and the writing is hilarious.

One reason the show stands out is the characters. Fred and Lamont are the main characters. The show would not be the same without Fred (Red fox) saying “You big dummy” or “I’ll give you five across the lips.” Fred and Lamont make it look like a real father and son relationship just a little twisted.

Another reason Sanford and Son stands out is the acting. One thing Fred does every show is fake a heart attack when something goes wrong or does not go his way. Another great thing he does is his facial expressions. He will glance at his sister-in-law and his face will look like he just ate a warhead.

The final reason this show stands out is the writing. Almost every line said in the show will make you bust out laughing. Like when Fred will say something crude to Aunt Ester (Fred’s sister-in-law) and she will say “watch it sucka.” The characters have the best comebacks like when Lamont said “What about Aunt Hazel” and Fred shouted “You mean witch Hazel.”

If you’re having a bad day then grab the remote and flip over to T.V Land. Then prepare to laugh. The show has just enough ingredients to make it stand out from the pack. Jumping with well-tuned characters, great body expressions, and hilarious dialogue. I would recommend this show to any audience.

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