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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you been scrub-a-fied yet? Well if you haven’t you should be. Scrubs is a national favorite sitcom on the rise; and being on every weekday at 7:00 pm on comedy central. Scrubs is about a man who just so happens to be a doctor at the local hospital. The show is a life story about this main character at his job. Scrubs is a national favorite because of the interesting plot, the great characters, and the wondrous writing.

The plot is very interesting because it is organized randomness or chaos. With all this a moral is always plainly stated at the ending of each episode; and with each episode a problem occurs whether it is about an illness or a friendship, the characters always solve the problem at show’s end.

The characters all have their own point of view. JD, the main character, has a point of view that is the storyline that revolves around him and his work. As he narrates each part he fills in the viewers in on what’s going on in the particular episode. At the end of each chapter, he gives a brief summary and the moral of each episode. Also the characters play off each other very well. They use each other to tell the story in each episode.

The writing is humorous and the interactions between the characters are some what funny and heart-warming. Every chapter includes a tiny conflict between at least two characters. Also, the dialogue is natural and sounds like it is just a documentary between the characters, of course it is with sound effects.
All in all this show, scrubs, is well worth your time because of the amazing story line, the great participants and, the wondrous script. I recommend that the corporate sponsors keep the sitcom scrubs on air. So next time you get the chance, watch scrubs and you will be amazed!

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