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Discuss problems faced by women from

December 8, 2020
By ZhuyuxinCindy SILVER, Hangzhou, Other
ZhuyuxinCindy SILVER, Hangzhou, Other
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Reflect our lives through film and television

      Nowadays, there is a really hot teleplay, which named “Queen’s Gambit”. It describes that a little named Beth who holds talent of chess enters into the chess world, and was determined to break down the traditional boundaries established by the male-dominated world of chess, to become the world champion of chess. “Queen’s Gambit” is an excellent teleplay to reflect women representatives such as independent women, more dependent women and so on. Beside this, it also reveals some unfair situations women faced. Women today face many social issues, and in order for them to survive in a man's world, we need to have certain personalities that we can move us up.

       To begin with, Beth who is the main character represents independent females emerging nowadays and displays strength of women. Through her own endeavor, Beth creates her own world in the male-dominated world of chess. Interestingly, when the director creates such role, he does not make a more neutral stereotype with a buzz cut, but keeps women own charm showing that Beth is not only strong, but also is charming as women. Besides this, Beth is not treated differently because she is a woman. She succeeds step by step in her own chess abilities. In our society, more and more women have entered some industries which were dominated by males in the past, such doctors and scientists. Female professional and technical personnel continue to increase. In 2017, 1.789 million were female senior professional and technical personnel, an increase of 773000 over 2010, accounting for 39.3 percent, an increase of 4 percentage points and reaching the target ahead of schedule. Like Beth, they achieve economic independence and build their own worlds in their careers. However, there are some problems left. As more women are looking for jobs, their relationships with families and children will be loosened. In this way, divorce rate will increase. To some extent, social happiness will decrease. To solve this problem, the best way is to communicate between couples and make an agreement to cultivate families’ relationships, which is based on equality between males and females. 

       As opposite to such independent females, there are some women who have strong dependency on others. The most typical one is Beth’s foster mother. The foster mother becomes a housewife after marriage and cultivates strong dependency on her husband. Therefore, she is so desperate after being abandoned by her husband. Like this kind of people, who have a strong attachment to others, take these uncontrollable factors as the whole value of their lives. So when these of people or things leave them, they will be such desperate. In fact she represent the majority of women in today’s society. Due to various social factors, most women still follow the traditional social trend of staying at home to take care of husbands and children. The word “housewife” is every common, but “househusband” is rarely mentioned. In a patriarchal society that has been around for thousands of years, even the feminism that has sprung up in recent years has subconsciously tended to rely on men, making independent women “outliers”. There is no such thing as right or wrong, but the happiness of women is not only about marriage and family. The achievements in the workplace are still the embodiment of women’s values.

       Finally, the teleplay also exhibits a group of social assimilation, gradually lose their own characteristics and independences of the female identities. The representative is the girls’ group that excluded Beth in high school. When they are young, they were fashionable, beautifully dressed and the most important people in the school. However, they gradually lost their independence after marriage and became housewives like most women of that era. In fact, when they were students, we can see their futures of being assimilated by the society: the pursuit of fashion and chic dressing is itself a phenomenon of being assimilated by the social pop cultures. They blindly accept the trend of culture without their own judgment. To solve this problem, the most important thing is to establish critical thinking and cultivate their independent thinking, which can be achieved by education or life experiences. Everyone is a drop of water from a specific era river, but everyone is unique from each other, and has own personalities in the whole world. To be independent is not only to be economics independency, but also be independent to minds and thinking. 

       From the perspectives of a champion chess player, “Queen’s Gambit” depicts many typical female identities in the world, showing social situations women faced. The urge thing is to reconsider women position in our society and help women become more independent in any aspect.

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Rcently, an American teleplay named "Queen's Gambit" has become popular. This teleplay is not only an encouraging teleplay, but also depicts many women representatives and discuss some social problems women faced.

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