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No Country for Old Men

May 25, 2008
By Anonymous

So, who is Anton Sugar? A sick, ruthless murderer or a genius dealing with the rest of the world the way he finds most suitable? The antagonist in No Country for Old Men, makes one truly wonder how much is life worth, through marvelous display of emptiness of the man's soul once it is faced with the surrounding world and apathetic inside morals.

The sick twists in Anton's head are only sometimes brightened by a facial expression, which only implies that he regrets what he has done. Other moments, when Anton speaks with his victims, leave the impression that this man does not like to be proven wrong, but much like a stubborn child insists that his actions are correct, transcending his sick nature to another level. Even though every one of us knows that there's an Anton Sugar inside all of us, this movie proved that he should remain a deep secret.

More and more films turn to nihilist believes in order to express the true nature of human. No Country for Old Men, is truly remarkable in its display of how one's existence may be completely reliant on another's and how that cycle is never-ending. It is also a ravishing presentation to the understanding of how life will not go the way you may plan it, especially when you've think you've planned it well.
The movie is remarkably correct in its display of human moments and thoughts. Watching it is very similar to watching your own life through a review mirror. This, because the director of cinematography and set showed great care in every second the camera was on each actor, their reflections in objects surrounding them and the eternal desert that bound them all together. Each line is placed correctly with a corresponding and sometimes, foil-like shot, making thoughts crawl through the viewers mind in many possible directions.

All together with costume and an astonishing script this film defiantly deserves it's OSCAR®. I do not suggest, however, snuggling up in front of your DVD player with it, because you might not enjoy your sleep after.

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