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27 Dresses

March 28, 2008
By Anonymous

27 Dresses Review

Ever wish you had a sister? You know, to share your clothes with, to tell all your secrets to, to gush to about your latest crush? Well, 27 Dresses will definitely make you think twice!!!

Jane (Katherine Heigl) plays the responsible big-sister who takes care of everybody else first- from holding up the dresses of brides so they could pee, to wearing ridiculous bridge’s maid dresses based on American literature. She begins to develop a little girl crush on her boss (Edward Burns), but simultaneously her flirtatious younger sister, Tess (Malin Akerman) knocks on her door and announces her plans to stay in town for a while. With a blink of the eye, Tess meets and falls in love with George (Jane’s boss)- for all the wrong reasons. As Jane watches her sister lie about everything she is, she is unsure of what to do…Should she let the man she loves marry her sister, or should she unveil her sister’s lies to George?

Although 27 Dresses was a mish-mosh of several ideas we’ve all heard about before- from the good-hearted person who always does things for other people and doesn’t do enough for themselves, to the idea of dating a person somebody you know is interested in- it’s definitely the perfect up-beat girl’s night out, feel-good movie.

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