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April 6, 2008
By Anonymous

The movie Click is a disgrace to all movie watchers. It shows that most men really don’t care or could care less of what women say or the time when we are talking. I guess it goes out one ear and out the other. Then Adam Sandler the so called dad in the movie was a workaholic that wanted to see his kid’s life flash before his eyes and when his wife wants to talk to him, he couldn’t care less of what she says, and thinks he can fix his so called problems with a universal remote. Then when he over uses his lovely universal remote it gets a glitch that makes everything go wrong so now he is not happy with his life even more. Even if nothing was wrong in the first place he just didn’t like to listen to his wife complain. So back to when the remote had a glitch the effect was making Adam Sandler obese and his kids older. And once I took one look at him “fat” I could so tell that all he was wearing was a fat suit under his clothes and some plastic skin to make his face look fatter that they put on actors and actresses to get the obesity affect. I don’t get the reason why someone would want to film or write about a guy that thinks his life is ok which it isn’t to him and then is still not content but then something drastically changes his life to make it worse and he is still not content. Wow! What a big circle it takes you into to figure out that he is still not content. I assure you that this movie is not worth watching more than once or even not even that. This movie is about a man that is not content with his life that he already has and thinks this universal remote will cure his non content life which is pathetic.

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