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I Am Legend

March 19, 2008
By Anonymous

One virus to kill six billion people. Only one man stands alone. Can he survive with the only one next to him is his trusty dog, Sam. Thought to be a cure for cancer was actually a virus to everyone that took it. It made them into some kind of mutants that can’t be seen in the sunlight. Will smith, who plays the main character also the only man on earth tries to find a cure for the virus so that he can restart and save human extinction. His partner Sam, and him have to fight through nights to survive and reenlist human existence.

This movie is a great movie for action, wondering, and great entertained audience. Might not be suitable for small children. There are parts with scary scenes. In one scene is where the mutants wait inside for will smith and his dog Sam, to eat them alive. This movie will be out on DVD and blu-ray on Tuesday the eighteenth of March. This movie is rated PG-13 for scary scenes, language, and gun and drug usage. Although this movie is one of my top rated.

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