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January 12, 2008
By Anonymous

We have all seen ads for the new movie "Juno", and, let's face it, we looked at it and thought it looked like it would be a little stupid. I went to see the movie, despite my reservations about it.
I must say, I was a little more than surprised when I saw what a hilarious movie it was. Not only did it tell a story that is experienced by millions of teens every year that many people can relate to, but it told it with a sense of biting wit and humor that even people who have never been personally touched by teen pregnancy can accept and see as a real thing that's happening. Juno is not some girl that was thought up by a staff of writers trying to make a quick buck, this is every girl in America. This is a young woman that is funny, can feel things, even if she doesn't want to show it. There was not one girl in that theatre who didn't, at some point in the movie, think, "Yeah, that sounds like something I would say" or "That is SO something that so-and-so would do!". It touches people in such a way that you want to go and see it over and over. In fact, for one of my friends, that was his fourth time seeing "Juno". It's just goes to show that first impressions can be deceiving.
So, in conclusion, next time you see an ad pop up for "Juno" on television or the Internet, go see it. It will touch you like no movie has touched you in a long time.

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