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Three Cups of Tea Review

February 11, 2009
By Cathryn DeMartino BRONZE, Plano, Texas
Cathryn DeMartino BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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Many people try to help out in their community and world organizations. However none have worked so hard as Greg Mortenson, or Dr. Greg to those he has helped. 'Three Cups of Tea', the literary child of Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin, tells of a lost mountaineers revelation and how he turned it into a salvation to hundreds of children high up in the Tailiban's homeland.
'Three Cups of Tea' is written in a primarily journalistic style of writing. It could be compared to reading an interesting news story in your local paper, or watching and interesting story on your TV. The writing is vivid, and yet plain. There is no fancy sentence structure or SAT level words to figure out. This makes it an easy read. The book also touches heavily upon the culture of the Bali people, Muslims, and the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is a wonderful read for those who are interested in the world and like to learn about other people and cultures. Other people who would enjoy this book would be those who promote peace and fighting terrorism with kindness and education, not killing and destruction. I would highly recommend this book to all politicians and those in the military services as a form of sensitivity training and also how it describes the cultural aspects of the Middle Eastern people whom many fear.
One of the only bad things about this book is the constant use of Pakistani and Bali terms in which it can be hard to keep track of. If they had added a glossary or translation page at the end then I believe the issue would have been corrected. A pronunciation page should have also been added to further promote good will and learning to those who read it.
The people who would most benefit from this book, as stated, are Politicians, Military Personal, Peace Advocates, Those with a desire to learn about the world's cultures, but also I would recommend this book to Everyone in the United States of America for it teaches peace, promotes good will, and helps explain one of the most foreign cultures to us. It should be a required High School reading so each generation from here on out will become more accepting and less harsh to those they do not understand.

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