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September 22, 2007
By Anonymous


ISBN-13 978-0-689-86539-8
Scott Westerfield

US $7.99/$10.99 CAN

Tally Youngblood has finally become pretty. In Tally's world, when you turn sixteen, you get a special operation that fixes all the problems your body has and makes your body perfect. Tally is with all her pretty friends when a letter arrives that changes everything. She starts to remember things from her ugly past that remind her that there is something wrong with being pretty. Together, Tally and her friend Zane run away from the city but the authorities follow them because they know Tally and Zane know too much. Will they get captured or will they run away to freedom and discover the not so pretty side of being pretty?

Pretties is a book set in the future and it tells the tale of a girl named Tally and her experiences as a “pretty.” It's part two of the trilogy by Scott Westerfield that begins with Tally and her life as “an ugly”. I recommend it to readers of Sci-Fi and Drama.

Pretties was an outstanding read. It made me feel pretty inside whenever I read it. With every page came new mysteries. One thing I was surprised by was that even though Tally and her friends were sixteen they all would get drunk at parties. It made me wonder if that's what the real future is going to be like. On the other hand the book was actually a pretty easy book to read so you don't need the dictionary to read this book. Westerfield writes realistic dialogue that I could imagine a girl at Tally's age speaking like she does in the book. I can't wait until I read the third book in the series, Specials.

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