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Monster by Walter Dean Myer

November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

By. Walter Dean Myer
Realistic fiction

A 15 year old boy named Steve gets accused of participating in a crime were a person dies. A couple days later he gets sent to court and after that he has to defend his case. It's very difficult to defend his case because of Briggs she is the other defendant. Steve spends most of his time listening to other people's side of the story.

Growing up is the theme of Monster. Monster is a good example for Steve to prove him-self innocent most people have problems through their life's.
I give Walter Dean Myer props for writing Monster. I would say that Walter Dean Myer took hiss time to write this book. Monster is one of the best examples of a realistic fiction relating to real problems that actual people go through.
Both Monster and The Outsiders have many things in common. For example both books are about a boy growing up. Both different Characters have to struggle to become someone and to overcome the mistakes they commit in their lives.
Monster is an interesting book to read because of the way its written. The book is written as a script to the movie, the way its written gives the reader a good picture in their mind. The script style is very unique at first its hard to understand but after the first few pages you will understand. You won't want to stop reading after you understand.

I recommend Monster to all the people in the world who love crime books. Ones you read this book one you will want to read it over again. The rating I give Monster is a 4/4 because it really made me want to read more books like this. When ever you see the book Monster I say that you read it.


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