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The Poison in Lust

November 7, 2010
By jenicex DIAMOND, Passaic, New Jersey
jenicex DIAMOND, Passaic, New Jersey
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I taste the poison on her lips;
I touch the needles on her tongue.
She's got a man,
But that doesn't stop me 'cause
She's got a plan
To keep me hanging on.

If you only knew the power she has over me.
If you only heard the way I can barely speak.
If you only saw what nobody else but me, sees.

Brown hair, brown eyes,
But look on the other side;
There's two sides to who she is.

I believe her every time,
I believe her every lie.
I don't need an alibi
Because she's taken over me.
She's taken over me.

Whatever happens, she's my only one.
Whatever happens, she's with me just for fun.
She's got a man,
No, no, that won't stop me.
She's got a plan,
So maybe I'll stay hung.

She's got a loaded gun in her pocket,
She's reaching for it now, but I don't want to stop it...

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