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Forgotten World

September 19, 2014
By Icestar649 BRONZE, Woodstock, Virginia
Icestar649 BRONZE, Woodstock, Virginia
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Have we truly lost touch with who we once were? How many years have gone by since we left 5 million? 6 trillion? Ive lost count. Who knows you may have forgotten, maybe not just you bet them all. You've forgotten of the old world the home from which you and I both came. The world from which life first sprouted and was the first to fade. Dont forget the day whether rainy or full of sunshine Don't forget the picnics with your family on a Sunday afternoon, the heat of summer or the cool of winter. Don't forget anything at all for if you do you'll lose touch of whp you once were, and no longer be human. For if you do you'll truly be far from home. 

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