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Betrayed Trust

July 14, 2011
By balseirocharmed SILVER, Davenport, Florida
balseirocharmed SILVER, Davenport, Florida
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It had all been a game to you,
My heart meant nothing to you.

You did not care,
I should have known you didn’t.

I was hoping,
That somehow I was wrong.

How much I wish,
That what I heard was not true,
But it is.

In front of my face,
You would act all nice and cheery.

But when I turned my back on you,
You acted like I was nothing.

Did you think that I,
Wouldn’t find out about this?
That it would all be cool?

You told my friend,
And you thought,
He wouldn’t tell me?

I was wrong to trust you,
I should have never trusted you.

Last time I forgave you,
For what you did.
But this time,
It seems harder.

Speaking mean to my face was one thing,
But talking behind my back is a different story.

Plunging that knife of pain in deeper;
Makes keeping a true smile harder.

It seems,
I can never be happy.
If it’s not one thing,
It’s the other.

I feel that you enjoy seeing,
The sadden expression adorning my face.

Tears rim the corners of my eyes,
Threatening to fall at any minute.
I scrunch them,
Refusing to break down and cry.

No matter how much I didn’t want,
They fall down anyway.
They stain my cheeks,
With salty water lines of tears.

Building trust was hard,
But breaking it was easy,
You easily broke it.

I don’t like this feeling,
The feeling of betrayal.

My heart aches,
You’ve stabbed it with your words.
You broke my soul,
You broke me,
You broke everything of me.

Part of me is,
Wanting to forgive you,
But the other half knows that,
You would just harm me once again.

The author's comments:
When a friend went behind my back one too many times

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