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May 14, 2011
By Express-- PLATINUM, River Vale, New Jersey
Express-- PLATINUM, River Vale, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans"

-John Lennon

Clouds passing
Blue waters above and below

The smell of freedom
A taste I thought I’d never know

Air pushing against me
Yet compelling em forward

Cheering me on
A sound I thought I’d never heard

A flock calls
Fromf ar away

They seem to be so beautiful and quick
So I force myself to stay

Thick, lush whiteness
Hugs me like a friend

Pulling me closer
And I am sure my wounds they will mend
They invite me to sit
Atrop their gently curved knolls

And so I do, not seeing
How their lovely whitenes is damaged by holes

The flock from far away
Is screaming with joy

Taunting and grinning
My soul they destroy

My fall is quite long
And the wind roars

I can barely see
When rain begins to pour

I know I am a goner
About to be dead

So I don’t fight back,
and my heart is a stone, heavy as led

I suddenly wish
The flaming globe would come out

And I begin to hope
Refusing to doubt

Deasth is as close as my next breath
The ground is near

And I feel I might perservere
There’s no need to fear

I lift my wings
So limp and weak

Yet, they’re ready to move
And fly as high as a mountain peak

I am soaring
I am screaming

I am free
I am beautiful; I am strong; I am gleaming

The author's comments:
I wriote during this math class (again.) I tried to make this a little bit deep. Let me know who you think is the narrator!

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