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The Key to My Heart

November 2, 2009
By Cori Fine GOLD, Congers, New York
Cori Fine GOLD, Congers, New York
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Drink or not to drink.
That is the question.
If I drink the potion things will change within a blink.
Or maybe I’ll even start with a new obsession.

Constant decisions cross my mind
Drink or not to drink, that is the argument.
If I do, will I want to rewind?
Or maybe it will change my judgment.

Staring at the lime green substance
Is dragging me in with such attraction.
Will it change my appearance ?
Or maybe I’ll have an allergic reaction.

Time is running out. What shall I do ?
If I don’t drink, things will be the same
I can tell you that for a fact, I know it’s true.
Or maybe things with change with no one to blame.
I raise the glass to my mouth
I hope I am wise.
I taste it on my tongue as it travels south.
Or maybe it’s my chills giving me a surprise.

I wait for something to occur
I sit and wait and wait and sit.
Then everything changes into a sudden blur.
Or maybe that’s my conscience trying to admit

That my dream is coming true, with all my mighty strength.
I look left and right and right and left
To see someone with a similar length
Or maybe that’s a door with an unfamiliar cleft.

I know I made the right choice
Because he is now standing next to me, not far apart.
I hear his smile and his beautiful voice
Along with his kisses that give me the key to my heart .

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