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April 29, 2009
By Vuong Diep BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Vuong Diep BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Days grow old like a withering flower
Time flies by seconds, minutes and hours
It seems too fast for the unexpected
But not fast enough for most expecting

Looking ahead into my future
Can't help to see a most pleasant day
An undeniable feeling, a feeling so great
But yet I still wonder.
Does it have to be that way?

A future that ends with happy faces
But people that live on with sad days
These people..
Will they stay?
Will they still be there for my dying days?
Or will they move on to more happier ways?

These thoughts and feelings,
Is it too early?
Am I thinking too much?
Is it that worthy?
These people might not think so.

But why should I care now?
I have what I need.
And I bet these people would also agree.
As long as they know,
I'll always be there, and never to leave

Days do grow old like a withering flower
But if you make the best of it
You'll be happy by every second, minute, and hour
Cause I live by these people
These people I call friends.
And I never want these unpredictable days to end.

Don't be alarmed I tell myself
There's still another year ahead
So when school ends,
It'll just start over yet again.

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