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I Am

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

I Am
I am an imaginative dude who likes mythology.I wonder what is outside our universe.I hear the nights of heaven filled with angels sweet melodies.I see the god Zeus casting lightning rods at his enemies.I want to live in medieval times.I am an imaginative dude who likes mythology.I pretend to be one of the knights at the round table.I feel pride when i help people out of situations with no turning point.I touch the soft and radian hair of an angel.I cry when i hear death taking an innocent soul in the night.I am an imaginative dude who likes mytholoy.I understand the language of the elves.I say inly things that would please a banshee.I dream of lands filled with mo racism where everything is created equal.I try to hold all souls that can be saved from hell within my grasp so that they can live in the afterlife in the lands of god.I hope only that the were minds of mortal beings can comprehend the meaning of life.I am an imaginary dude who likes mythology.

Tanner Bolden-poetry

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