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November 22, 2013
By boundlesswildflower SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
boundlesswildflower SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities." - faults in our stars by John Green

All beautiful things,
most come to an end.

The sun most eventually set,
and although she leaves with drops of light at her absence,
no one will notice

All beauty,
must come to an end.

Flowers will perish,
petal by petal,
till the last one
Ampathy will blow it away.

All beautiful things,
must come to an end.

All smiles will dissolve.
Great moment,
Wasted on the undeserving.

All doors must close,
Opening fully and glowingly.
it was neglected and used,
till it had no choice but to shut.
Little by little,
till it was sealed.

All beautiful things,
will come to an end.

Its everywhere radiating.
Our heart is drunk of beauty,
our eyes could never earn.

Although everything must come to end,
Never “go gentle into that good night”,
my beauty.
Fight for the last second,
and although most will miss it,
It will mean the world for those who don’t.

Those who actually see beauty.

Because anyone who sees beauty with their eyes open,
is nothing but a fool.
*Quote from Dylan Thomas’s poem Do not go gentle to that good night

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on Apr. 16 2014 at 4:30 pm
BurrThistle GOLD, Jaipur, Other
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Write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect

All beauty may come to an end but literature never dies. And my dear, your work is beautiful. I love that you quoted Dylan Thomas's poem and i absolutly love the last line. Keep Writing !

on Dec. 27 2013 at 7:01 pm
NaaThompson GOLD, Allston, Massachusetts
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If you don't like someone's story, write your own. -Chinua Achebe

  Great!!! I love it