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Next door

July 7, 2012
By Camille1234 PLATINUM, Corbett, Oregon
Camille1234 PLATINUM, Corbett, Oregon
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Since he moved into the little blue house next door she has loved him. The little dimples upon his cheeks lighting up her world, the twinkle in his light blue eyes, how he smiles at her jokes that nobody gets and how he plays with her light blond hair when nobody is watching. She has loved him most of her life and not once told him. He went on with his life getting girls being popular in high school, and she was just his neighbor, his friend nothing more to him. He became the star quarterback on the football team being invited to all these parties, while she the nerd was stuck at him reading and listening to jimi hendricks on her ipod. They slowly started to drift apart as he became more and more popular. She remained the underdog who looked up to the boy she loved, who was once her best friend. She remembered all the good time they had when they were little and football, girls, or popularity didn't matter. How they would have mud fights, climb the trees and talk. They talked about everything, life, school, books, music, even the most random stuff. Then high school came and when he tried out for the football team everything changed. The girl sitting in her room reading a book listening to her ipod always wondered how he felt about her. Was she only a friend? Did he love her? Did he forget all about her? Was she not cool enough for him? Only the boy held the answers to these questions and sadly he did not tell her how he felt about her. He loved her when he saw the little girl with shiny blond hair and big round glasses step out of her front door to enjoy the weather. He loved her when she came over and introduced herself, her eyes big and green behind her large round glasses and her soft sweet little voice. Her tried out for the football team to impress her, when that didn't work he tried his best to get her to notice him more then a friend. Still she just pushed him away. He dated other girls to get his mind off of her, yet no girl could compare to the love he has always felt for her. Now he was too late. He didn't know how much time left they would have together just that he needs to make the best of it.

“I love you Justin.” Were the first words that escaped the girls mouth as he walked into the room carrying an arm full of tulips, her favorite flower. He rushed over to her bed where he gave her a kiss her first kiss. Never had she kissed before and never did she wish that her only kiss would be with him.

“I have cancer and I don't know if I'm going to live, I Don't know how much time we have.” She whispered as he pulled away and stared down at her with the twinkle in his light blue eyes.

“I don't care as long as I am with you.”

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