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The Perfect Role Model

November 6, 2011
By Mya5o4 BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
Mya5o4 BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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"I do not want you watching Miley Cyrus anymore, she is not a good role model because she does drugs." the mother tells the daughter . But, she doesn't dare tell her what goes on when she goes to school. How she lights up to try to escape her terrible world. As soon as Miley Cyrus her kid's role model did something bad she was quick to judge but she's a hypocrite because she's doing the same thing. Many parents don't want their children looking up to celebrities when they make a mistake. So are they better suited for the kids to look up to lighting up to get away from their problems? Many kids talk about the teen celebrities, but the only reason it looks so bad is because they live their life in the spotlights. But, meanwhile in the shadows they're doing bad things too. Their is not one person out here who is a perfect role model. So next time you try to talk about a celebrity put yourself in their shoes. The pressure and the fans I'm not excusing what they do, but I understand why. So next time you talk about a celebrity not being a role model thank about it Are you better suited for it?

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece because I used to talk about celebrities until someone asked me"What would you do in their shoes?" Then I remembered they were only human.

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