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December 27, 2008
By ExpectTheUnexpected GOLD, Janesville, Minnesota
ExpectTheUnexpected GOLD, Janesville, Minnesota
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What truely is heaven? People say when you do good things that you go to heaven. Whats the definition of good? Or how many good things do we have to do? Could i help an elderly cross the street and go straight to heaven? These are things we wont know. They say when you go to heaven theres no more bad things happened. Whats a bad thing? I might consider a bad thing is that when i look in the cookie jar theres no cookies left. Will there always be cookies in heaven? They say you wont be sad anymore. How could that be? Sometimes its just fine to let out a good cry every now and then. Is that a bad thing? They say they will be no violence how can they support that? Well they brainwash us? Tie us down to nothing? Someone could easily just be playing and they could get a fingernail scarped agaisnt our hand. Will we be able not to touch? Do we turn into super-humans? They say everyday will be a good day. Well sometimes i wake up crabby in the morning. Will that never happened again? Its like all humanity is ripped away from you. It seems like you have no emotions. How can you love without a heartbreak? Thats impossible. I would like someone to explain this to me. But they cant can they? They say belive in your maker God. And i do but it all seems to surreal and that i wont be myself anymore none of us will we will turn into emotionless brainwashed super-humans.

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Gigi16 said...
on Jan. 15 2009 at 4:39 am

I think you story was very well written, and I feel that you put your whole heart into it too. Don't be worried about Heaven though. It really is going to be a wonderful place! We're going to have new spirtual bodies, not these old one we're in now. I don't think these new bodies are going to want to hurt or do anything bad, because we are perfectly content in a perfect place with God. I'm only telling you this, because you sounded kinda sad the way you ended your story, and I want you to be happy. That's all.