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toddlers and tiaras

October 4, 2009
By Lindsey.L SILVER, New York, California
Lindsey.L SILVER, New York, California
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Fake hair, fake nails and overdone makeup. No I’m not talking about a celebrity, I’m talking about toddlers. Have you ever seen the show toddlers and tiaras? If you haven’t, then plop down on your couch and watch as parents teach their learning toddlers that in order to be beautiful you have to wear a hair piece at the age of five. Loving and caring mothers only watching out for their little ones “best ‘interests “put their kids into “beauty pageants”, which really aren’t beauty pageants, but a lets see whose kid can where the most makeup and the tiniest bathing suit and win money for it contest. These poor kids are robbed of their child hood and put into these pageants without having fair say. If a poor little girl says she wants out, the mother just laughs it off and forces them to think that beauty is being anyone but your self. But if the toddler is willing to do it, then by all means let her grow up that way. But parents have no one but their selves to blame when they’re toddler has the wrong idea about beauty when they’re older and has plastic surgery at the age of 15. So if you’re a parent and enteringyour toddler into a pageant, don’t do it for the money, think of your child.

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on Apr. 4 2012 at 12:13 pm
okay. what the hell. my mom woul have shot me if i wore make up at the age of 10! 3 years old and putting make up on, fake nails, hair, teeth. thats straight fucked. i cant stand stuck up girls either, they are always the ones to get breast implants, plastic surgery. its honestly sad. there was a girl nammed jonBenet ramsey who was murdered after entering a beauty pageant. she was found dead by her father in the basement; think twice about putting your kid on public display people!!!!

Kayla D said...
on Sep. 30 2011 at 9:03 am
I think it is alright to put your children in pagents but, to do the whole fake stuff, no I do not believe parents should do that. It is about natural beauty. Make-up is alright but the whole fake teeth and fake hair no ! Parents stop trying to make your children look like something there not because you want them to win. It is like your telling them that they can't be thereself and win they have to look FAKE and RIDICULOUS !!!

on Nov. 8 2010 at 7:19 pm
Lindsey.L SILVER, New York, California
9 articles 4 photos 10 comments
definitely, if you're not using it as an example of a bad article. if you are, that's cool to, I just have to work on my articles. : ) - Lexi

EveLove said...
on Nov. 8 2010 at 5:38 pm
do little 15 month old kids really have passion for anything and really you want to put a 5 year old in heels and a bikini and make her do a stupid dance so you can win money?

pagaents said...
on Apr. 1 2010 at 9:58 am

hi i was wondering if i could use this in my powerpoint ......

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on Oct. 22 2009 at 2:16 am
Jennifer Nichols, Elkhorn City, Kentucky
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I see absoulutly nothing wrong with putting your child in pagents. I know that, when I have kids, I become a pagent mom. As long as you tell your child that thier beautiful in pagents and out, they'll be fine.

on Oct. 21 2009 at 11:06 am
Phantom_Girl GOLD, Ft. Carson, Colorado
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My mom considered putting me in a beauty pageant once. My dad talked her out of it, thank God. I don't think kids should be put into beauty pageants until they're older. Kids that young just shouldn't be worrying about their looks. That's not to say they can't when they're older if they want to. But 5-year-olds just shouldn't be wearing that much make-up. Plus, they aren't old enough to decide if that's really what they want. They might regret it later.

on Oct. 18 2009 at 9:37 pm
Alyssa(: PLATINUM, Arvada, Colorado
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They may have fake hair and nails and even fake teethe ometimes but I believe if te toodlers honestly have a passion for pageants they should go for it, but if its just the mom/dad puting their kids in it for the money I deisagree. You should let your kids express themselves in their own way. You shouldn't use your kids to make you money. Nice writing, I like your style. Check me out~Alyssa Anaya. I have all kinds of writing from fiction to non-fiction even photos.

on Oct. 15 2009 at 6:44 pm
FightingNyx BRONZE, Dearborn, Michigan
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I agree with what you wrote. But I have watched the show you refer to in the past, and while I'm sure that a lot of children are in these pageants out of force, it seems to me like a lot of them have chosen to take that path. I think more often than not it is the child's decision. That's not to say your opinion does not hold truth, though.