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One Situation in the Game of Life MAG

By Anonymous

   A few weeks ago I was babysittingand decided to play The Game of Life, which is funny, becauseI guess we all play. I was playing the Milton Bradley versionthis time, with five and six-year-olds. For the most part theywere ahead of me the entire game.

If you aren'tfamiliar with it, you go through "Life," chosen fromcards, in about an hour and a half. There are sad littleplastic "people" about a quarter of an inch highthat represent you, your spouse and children (if you land onthe right squares).

When one of the little boys"got married," the other one asked if he stillwanted to "drive." He said, "Of course, I'm notgonna let a girl drive. As long as I'm here, the boy willdrive. Girls suck." Coming from a six-year-old, thisdisturbed me.

That comment makes me wonder what thechildren of America are being taught about the opposite sex. Iknow it's normal at that age to think the opposite sex hascooties, but it's different when they make a remark about howgirls can't drive. This shows an attitude about how men haveall the power and control, blah blah blah, while women cancook, clean and take care of children. I'm sorry, but in mybook that was 40 years ago when women were expected to makebabies and stay in the kitchen. I think a relationship shouldbe equal and both people do things for each other, not justone slaving away to please the other. It bothered me to learnso much from a six-year-old and that those attitudes are stillaround, especially in children as we go into a new millennium.Considering what these kids are being taught, it will beinteresting to see what cards will be dealt them in their Gameof Life.

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i love this so much!