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That Angel of Sugar Night

March 20, 2023
By CreativeChristina, Zanesville, Ohio
CreativeChristina, Zanesville, Ohio
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In farthest the reaches of the north pole lies single a mystery. Elves there are, of course too Santa Clause alongside dear his wife, but another there exists, a girl special their daughter -- never probably have you heard of her! Indeed, a creative spirit this young one is, always building unique forms of snowmen, collecting her snow-globe so dear, and even giving all the time ever for proper dance. Through and past all these wonders her life, something always seemed so missing; see, never under even any ways of plead towards her father would he ever allow her a ride upon magical its ways. Reasons? Well, only those he gave that simply uncertain the little girl was of the true meanings of magic and the acts of gift-giving, and exact that the challenges that she may struggle by with a ride upon his sleigh. 

Sense not this seemed to make, however, for all life the girl had lived in practical a Christmas wonderland, filled with elves in process gifts and magical everything, from reindeer to her own color-changing socks. Was there then something else, more that was the reason her father, never a man known for such strict ways, to be with view this way? Perhaps it was an undefined equation, one that she herself just simply could not find way to squeeze within.

How the speculation made the little girl's brain so sizzle! There was, still, ways the girl hoped to make afar, and one day it came exact, upon after her father's Christmas Eve departure, to take to the skies above, that the girl decided to make her ways a run, leaping out of bed and rushing towards the door. She would may not ride upon or within the sleigh, but certainly sure she would make to follow its path, arriving to the towns beyond and meeting new others (perhaps even proving her strengths to her father enough to allow his acceptance her long-term proposal). Strange though it was, as suddenly a cool breeze passed, the sleigh within the air she lost her sight, and even a cave of unknown prophecy lied just far the distance. Was a sign it was the pathway to travel towards discovering hidden all reasons? What about then magical a frozen lake, or floating bubbles around? Perhaps even a porch and an odd elder in sight only the future. Only wonder it was for what would commence next, and that indeed held all the girl's most eager interest.


That Angel of Sugar Night

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