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The Diviner

February 2, 2011
By RenaissanceMan SILVER, Westland, Michigan
RenaissanceMan SILVER, Westland, Michigan
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I was born. It was born. So it began. It continues. It will outlive me. People whisper, stare, giggle. Their eternal privilege. My eternal curse-Joyce Carol Oates


The Diviner is a tale of self-discovery while faced with the corrupt air of the human condition. The year is 1972, and it follows Clement Thomas and a group of missionaries from Utah who decide to embark to South Africa in midst of apartheid. When they arrive in Ciskei, Eastern Cape, they bear witness to the cruelty of the Boers whose ruthlessness was an unrivaled force at the time. Soon, they travel to the isolated village of Anele, a small agricultural community on the outskirts of the Eastern province. They have one goal in mind-to spread the message of their God before the violence of the land engulfs all who inhabit it. Along the way, Clement befriends a young Xhosa girl named Nontle. Initially, she is unwilling to accept him, but as time passes, she becomes more accepting in spite of the worsening conditions. All the while, the village leader is seeking the diviner of Anele-a person whose destiny lies in the redemption of those who need help. It is a simple rise and fall story, whose style is passively unconventional. It explores the depth of human thought and existence, all while attempting to handle the struggles of tempting love, death, and even hatred. More importantly, howeve, this is a tale of genuine relationships.

Aaron R.

The Diviner

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