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A Miracle?

February 13, 2008
By Anonymous

On September 9, 2007, an NFL Tight end of the Buffalo Bills was injured after attempting to tackle the return man on the Denver Broncos’, he sustained a neck injury and it was described as a cervical spine injury. There was an injury to the cervical spine and cervical spinal cord. I remember seeing that video of him tackling the return man and then he was just laying there, I was shock when I saw that and I wondered if he would be alright, I know the fans were shocked also, the doctors released a report stating that he may never walk again. Well you know what? 3 Months later he could walk!

On Week one of the 2007 NFL season, after tackling the return man, Kevin Everett fell to the Ralph Wilson Stadium Turf, He didn’t get up, an ambulance had to go onto the field to get him off. When the staff figured out that he had no mobility below his neck he had to be tested to see the severity of the injury. His teammates showed support by forming a prayer circle. Basically his injury was a fracture dislocation in his neck and severe spinal cord damage and the doctors predicted that he would never walk again because other victims of this injury could not walk anymore. He had to have a long surgery so he could have a chance of surviving, it took 7 hours for more than a dozen medical professionals to have a chance of survival. He was strong though, 12 days later after that injury that could have left him in a wheelchair for life, He flew to Houston to begin rehab. Less than a month later he was able to walk.

Kevin Everett was a Buffalo Bills Tight end being drafted in the third round but never did much in his career after his rookie season ended with a torn acl, and he had to play on special teams his second season, he will live a long life but he will never be able to play Football again, He wants a job with football, maybe as a high school coach or a teacher. Kevin was featured on the cover of the December 17 Issue of Sports Illustrated and had an article on his injury. On December 23, 2007, Kevin walked publicly on the field of Ralph Wilson Stadium in front of fans for the Buffalo Bills Home Finale against the New York Giants. He was invited to sit next to the NFL commissioner at Super Bowl XLII.

All in all, I think Kevin Everett is a lucky man, it was a miracle that he could walk again after that injury, I hope he lives a good long life and can continue to walk, again.

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