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November 26, 2007
By Anonymous

The sweat dripping from my face as I prepare,
He serves I am aware.
The racket ready to strike,
A beautiful forehand down the line, what’s not to like.
Love – 15
A slice serve is thrown at me,
I swatted at it like a bee.
He hits it back slow and high,
I spin the ball to make it fly.
He makes the ball meet the net,
To make me close on winning this set.
Love – 30
He spins his serve to the right,
Which makes me run out of sight.
I run off the court,
And make the ball land short.
He hits it back very slow,
I run back to the ball and backhand it low.
Love – 40
One point away from being number one (#1),
I am so close but not done.
Another serve makes me see,
That he is very weakly.
I hit a drop shot to make him run,
At this moment I know he’s not done.
He runs to the ball and taps it in,
I lob it over his head to make me win.
Game, Set and Match

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