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January 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Last summer ,2007, we started baseball with a 13 year old city league team in Delta and we played a few games and tournments with that team. After we got done with all of those games we had tryouts for an all-star team. After tryouts we had practice almost every day.We went to south state tournament and we took first in it. After south state we went to state in Brighton.
We were the smallest school there and the first team we had to play was Murray. We beat them 8-5. Our second game we played was West Side and we beat them 12-5. And our last two games we played Taylorsville, we beat them 5-4 in the last two innings. They were ahead 4-0 in the fifth inning and we started to hit the ball in the sixth and seventh inning and we barely beat them. Our second game against them was 5-0 and after that game we were the state champions. We went 4-0 in the tournment.
After the state tournament we went to the Pacific Southwest Regional tournament. That's when all the southwest states come to play each other. the tournament was going to be in Hawaii but then they changed it to Richfield Utah. All of the teams who were there were California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Hawaii and Guam were supposed to go but they didn't come. The first team we played was Palo Alto California and they beat us pretty bad. the second game we playd was against Reno Nevada and they didn't beat us as bad as California did. After the two games we lost it was the end of our season for baseball this year.

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