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You Vs. The Mountain MAG

By Anonymous

   Imagine the brisk, cold wind hitting your face at 25-30 miles an hour. You're looking at the little ant-people and lego-buildings down below you as you go farther up. When you reach the top of the mountain, you slide off the lift and start skiing to the beginning of your challenge. You look out at the view ahead and realize it's you versus the mountain. Nothing is going to stop you from going down the hardest slope of the mountain.

You push yourself off with your poles and start to your destination at the finish line going 50 m.p.h. Although trying to go faster and faster, the wind is pushing against you and your eyes are starting to water. You swoosh your body and skis back and forth, in and out of the poles. The time is ticking. When you see the finish line, you bend over to pick up more speed. Finally, you cross the finish line. You stop, wipe your eyes and pick up your head. You can hear the people yelling and cheering, "Nice race. Excellent time." You look up at the time, 21 seconds, exactly. You beat the mountain. You won! l

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