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By Anonymous

   Track, a sport comprised of anticipation, intensity and competition, is an eventthat allows one to push oneself to be the best. As members of the high schooltrack team, every day we perform numerous painstaking drills and exercises tocondition our bodies. It requires hours of hard work, dedication and commitmentt.We work as a team, createing a sisterly relationship among members. We attempt toincrease each other's self-esteem by acknowledging great runs and correcting poorones.

On the day of the big meet, we warm up, stretch, and prepare for theevent as a team. There is an ambiance of intense spirit. The crowds call andcheer on teammates.

After hours waiting, my race is finally called. Thecoach screams, "Hey Sara, it's your turn!" My heart pounds harder andharder like a drum beating against my chest. It is my turn to put the long hoursof practice to use, my turn to try to achieve the goals I set. It is my turn totake charge and be invincible. The cards are being distributed and I standwaiting with a circle of other runners. My hands are like an ocean of waves,vibrating up and down with every minute. We take our lane assignments andnervously await the shot of the gun. The seconds seem like minutes, aneverlasting eternity. And then the gun is shot and the runners are off. We're offto a start as we take our turn to be all we can. l

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